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Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

About North Star Lodge

At North Star Lodge, our goal is to make every patient's journey with cancer as successful as possible. Our talented and diverse team of specialists utilize new technologies, innovations and treatments, under one roof, in a distinctive environment that is specifically designed for healing. North Star Lodge is one of the only comprehensive outpatient cancer treatment facilities in Central Washington with this unique and all-encompassing approach.

Our History

Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital has paved the way for cancer care in Central Washington for decades, offering the area's first cobalt therapy unit in 1968 and consistently adopting advancements in the diagnoses and treatment of cancer. In 2000, Virginia Mason Memorial opened North Star Lodge. This distinctive one-of-a-kind facility is recognized as one of the most advanced cancer care centers in the Western United States.

North Star Lodge is the centerpiece of Virginia Mason Memorial's Cancer Care Services. Our radiation and medical oncologists collaborate with multiple specialists within our network to develop personalized plans for individual patient needs. Our medical team meets regularly to ensure everyone knows the progress of each patient. If needed, our team reaches beyond these doors to consult with other specialists around the country.

Our compassionate and dedicated staff, technology, clinical trials program, and unique facility have made North Star Lodge a leader in cancer treatment.

The Oncology Care Model

North Star Lodge is one of only three practices in Washington state chosen to participate in the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation Oncology Care Model. Participation in this project will result in positive changes in cancer care delivery and patient care.

Provider Based Billing

If you have questions regarding billing, contact the receptionsist at (509) 574-3400.

Virginia Mason Memorial has designated North Star Lodge as a hospital outpatient department. Patient bills will include two separate charges, one for the healthcare provider, and the other for a facility fee to partially defray the costs of providing non-physician staff, equipment and supplies. Our goal is to be up front with our patients about what their costs may be prior to receiving care. Most Medicare patients, those who have secondary insurance to Medicare, will have no out-of-pocket expense. We will work with our patients to determine how their insurance company will cover this fee.

NEW! Telehealth: Let us bring your Healthcare to you.

We are now offering Telehealth visits at all Virginia Mason Memorial clinics. These are typical appointments with your provider but from your home, work, or wherever is most convenient for you

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