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The North Star Lodge Physician Referral Service provides easy access for physicians seeking to refer a patient to an oncology specialist. This service is staffed by clerical staff that can provide:

  • Appointments for your patients.
  • Information about our outreach clinics, one of which may be more convenient for your patient.
  • The latest information on our services and clinical trials.
  • Information about insurance coverage and foreign languages spoken.
  • Cancer Conferences »

Contact and Referral Information for Providers

New Patient Coordination:

Medical Oncology/Hematology
Telephone:  (509) 574-3556
Fax:  (509) 574-3473

Radiation Oncology
Telephone:  (509) 574-3518
Fax:  (509) 574-3565

Medical Oncology/Hematology Clinic:

Telephone:  (509) 574-3400
Fax: (509) 574-3464

Radiation Oncology Clinic:

Telephone: (509) 574-3500
Fax:   (509) 574-3530

Clinical Trials:

Telephone: (509) 574-3535

North Star Lodge Pharmacy

Telephone: (509) 574-3404
Fax:  (509) 574-3420

Hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Pacific Time.

After hours you may reach the doctor on call by calling the Medical Exchange at (509) 248-2970 or you may reach the Memorial emergency department at (509) 249-8100 for the "on call" medical and radiation oncology physicians.

Cancer Conferences

Memorial physicians and other allied health professionals meet several times a week for multidisciplinary cancer conferences. Cancer conferences are a place for physicians to seek feedback from their peers about specific patient cases.

In 2014 we developed a partnership with Providence Sacred Heart in Spokane which allows the physicians at North Star Lodge to collaborate with doctors outside of our community to discuss hematology cases. Video conferencing technology allows doctors to speak to each other face to face even though they are hundreds of miles apart. At this conference physicians review cases and discuss best options for diagnosis, treatment, and follow up of patients. This partnership allows patients from outside of our system to access clinical trials available at North Star Lodge.

Our current multidisciplinary cancer conferences are:

  • Multidisciplinary Breast conference
  • General Tumor Board
  • Thoracic Conference
  • Genitourinary Conference
  • Hematology Conference

These unique meetings are just one example of how local doctors are working together to advance cancer care in Yakima. Cancer conferences ensure that local patients receive the best possible care. All physicians are welcome to attend. For information about dates, times and locations of each meeting call 509-575-8199.

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