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Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.


North Star Lodge has its own pharmacy on-site, with licensed pharmacists and pharmacy technicians who specialize in the mixture of chemotherapy drugs.

This allows us to provide our cancer patients with specialty medications that aren't available from other pharmacies in the area. The pharmacists provide medication information and work with the patient's care team to help manage any unwanted side effects of medications to ensure they are as effective and safe as possible.

An expansion project in 2016 resulted in 1680 square feet of additional pharmacy space to meet the newest requirements of sterile medication preparation and monitoring. Our new sterile admixture work space allows the pharmacy staff to segregate and manipulate "hazardous" medications differently from our "non-hazardous" medications through a dedicated "hazardous" IV mixing hood and a dedicated "non-hazardous" IV mixing hood.

We continue to provide the highest level of quality products to our patients, while at the same time keeping safe our clinical personnel that are involved with the preparation and administration of these products.