Social Workers

A social worker is specially trained to help you find the resources you need in the local community to continue your normal life and routine as much as possible. They can assist our patients in finding resources in many areas:

  • Supportive Counseling - assistance with personal and family issues
  • Crisis Intervention - grief counseling and adjustment to illness
  • Community Referrals - assistance in locating cancer support groups, patient financial assistance, transportation, housing, hospice, and other supportive agencies
  • Healthcare Worker Consultation - psychosocial issues
  • Staff Consultation - community resources
  • Elder Abuse and Domestic Violence Screening - all health care staff are mandated reporters. Contact us for assistance, or directly report incidents of this nature to your social worker

For support from our Social Services Team call (509) 574-3497 or 509-574-3568 for assistance with resource coordination, insurance, social security, disability, financial issues, coping, support and support services.

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