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Radiation Therapy

Breast Cancer
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Barb Gulley can’t say this enough to anyone with breasts who will listen: “Get. A. Mammogram. My God, so you don’t like having your boob crushed. Who cares?

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North Star Lodge's team of board certified radiation oncologists treat patients using high energy radiation to destroy cancer cells. The doctors work together with a team of nurses, physicists, dosimetrists, and radiation therapists to safety deliver treatments to patients. The team uses the latest radiation technologies to treat all stages of cancer.

Medical oncology focuses on monitoring cancer and delivering cancer treatment with medications. North Star Lodge's board certified medical oncology physicians provide diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment of all types of cancer including solid tumors and blood disorders such as cancers and bone marrow disorders including leukemia and lymphoma. Doctors treat patients with the most current anti-cancer drugs and treatment protocols available.

We currently utilize:

  • Two linear accelerators with a wide range of photon & electron energies
  • High dose rate Brachytherapy
  • Low dose rate Brachytherapy
  • Permanent Seed Implants
  • Radiopharmaceuticals
  • Short course and fractionated Stereotactic Radiosurgery
  • 3D Treatment Planning
  • Multi-modality Image Fusion
  • Beam Modulation

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Our Radiation Oncology staff includes:

  • Three board certified radiation oncologists
  • Two Masters level physicists
  • Three certified oncology nurses
  • Nine licensed radiation therapists
  • Two certified dosimetrists

Varian TrueBeam™

North Star Lodge's newest linear accelerator, the Varian TrueBeam™, combines imaging and radiation into one treatment. It treats malignant tumors with unprecedented speed and accuracy.

The TrueBeam™ system, developed by Varian Medical Systems, uses a completely re-engineered control system and a multitude of technical innovations to dynamically synchronize imaging, patient positioning, motion management, and treatment delivery. The system can deliver treatments up to 50 percent faster with a dose delivery rate of up to 2,400 monitor units per minute, double the maximum output of earlier systems.

"Intelligent" automation further speeds treatments by reducing the number of steps needed for imaging, positioning and treating patients. A standard intensity-modulated treatment that would typically take ten minutes can be completed in less than two minutes. Complex radiosurgery that typically takes 40 minutes to an hour can be completed in just five to 20 minutes.

The precision of a TrueBeam™ system is measured in increments of less than a millimeter. This accuracy is made possible by the system's sophisticated architecture, which establishes a new level of synchronization between imaging, patient positioning, motion management, beam shaping, and dose delivery technologies, performing accuracy checks every ten milliseconds throughout an entire treatment.

NEW! Telehealth: Let us bring your Healthcare to you.

We are now offering Telehealth visits at all Virginia Mason Memorial clinics. These are typical appointments with your provider but from your home, work, or wherever is most convenient for you

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